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Better understand and control data which matters most – highlighting patterns, trends and correlations that might otherwise go undetected.

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Operational Metrics at a Glance

Utilities today acquire, store, and analyze a tremendous amount of data from every part of the grid,  along with data from the ever-increasing number of intelligent devices in substations and at the grid edge. As that data volume grows, so does its value in identifying trends and assessing the status of operations — if you can see the whole picture.
Making that data available in forms that can be displayed readily and are easily consumed, our Visualize product allows utility operators to see trends and key operational details in clear and instantly actionable ways.
Visualize can operate with both real-time and historic data, allowing presentation of information to all levels of utility grid management, from planning to control room operations. The information can be presented via customizable dashboards for use in control room situations for immediate response, for use by maintenance engineers to improve system performance and by management to gain insights for longer-term trend analysis and decision making.
VISUALIZE uses data from all components of your operational systems to provide new insights.

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