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Optimize the acquisition, transportation and presentation of operational data – providing all your systems data when they need it, where they need it and in the format they require.

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Intelligent Real-Time Data

CONNECT directly addresses the growing problem utilities face as the number of connected, intelligent devices on the grid increase, from the transmission edge to IoT devices in homes and businesses.
CONNECT eliminates this problem by aggregating data with a series of private, secure, distributed nodes. Each local node communicates with all the devices and data feeds at a given location (such as a substation), as well as external processes such as SCADA or data analytics. Each node stores the most recent data from everything connected to it, and can serve that data instantly to any other node that requests it.
High-level systems, in turn, connect to the nearest local node via a high-speed communications link, providing them with a single point of connection to all the data and devices relevant to that system. Because of this arrangement, all data throughout the grid appears to be local to any high-level system, increasing throughput speed and ensuring decisions are made based on the latest information.
CONNECT’s nodes also can accept configuration information and commands, and serve them to connected devices. This eliminates the need for applications to be concerned with how the data got there, when individual data points have been refreshed, or the details of the transport optimization methods that were used to get the data to the local node. 
This is a marked contrast to traditional control systems, each high-level utility system or app requires an individual, direct connection to all the devices from which it needs data or that it needs to control. This rapidly results in an exceptionally complex communications web with numerous data and throughput chokepoints. Such a network is not only expensive to build and maintain, but its bottlenecks lead to inefficient performance, especially at the edge of the grid. This often requires data duplication where information can be outdated and thus lead to errors.
A typical utility's Field Area Network communication connection diagram.

With CONNECT, utilities avoid these costly and inefficient performance issues. Data aggregation and intelligent nodes eliminate chokepoints and the need for duplication of communication paths and data. Throughput is dramatically improved and latency reduced to allow the right decisions to be made instantly.

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