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Intelligent, flexible management of field communications to maximize throughput and speed decision making for data acquisition and real-time control.

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Data Acquisition And Concentration

GATEWAY is cost-effective, scalable technology that enables utilities to acquire data from hundreds or even thousands of intelligent devices on the grid, thus simplifying and streamlining the transport and presentation of vital information to operational applications and control systems. GATEWAY-enabled nodes can work with devices from any manufacturer, and data in any format, automatically performing the protocol conversion necessary to make the data available wherever and whenever it is needed.


For smaller utility operations, GATEWAY deployed within a utility’s data center can manage information from an entire distribution system. GATEWAY-enabled nodes also can be deployed in a distributed fashion to meet the needs of highly complex grids or large systems with millions of devices and data points. GATEWAY nodes are currently deployed at some of the largest utilities in North America to acquire and serve data from millions of transmission and distribution points, while also being used to manage legacy protocol translation and data serving at individual DER sites.


GATEWAY automatically manages data polling schemes to ensure networks are operating at optimum efficiency. Additionally, GATEWAY provides network throughput optimization through the use of channel groups and optimized TCP/IP parameters on mesh radio systems.


As the entrance point to a utility’s communications network, Congruence.IQ GATEWAY features robust security measures to keep intruders at bay.  Supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 and AES 265 encryption, GATEWAY ensures your data is protected as it is transported across communications networks. In addition to the aforementioned industry leading algorithms, GATEWAY enables secure communications with distributed energy resources via its certified SEP 2.0 client, client aggregator and server profiles for adherence to California’s Rule 21 requirements.


Protocol & Device Independent

Supporting industry standard protocols (such as DNP3), GATEWAY can acquire data from remote terminal units, sensors, relays, meters, generation controllers, plant control systems, and other sources. Using GATEWAY, utility systems can communicate directly with devices using many different protocols. Unique to the industry, GATEWAY’s design is highly flexible and configurable and has the ability to distinguish among protocols with a built-in protocol checking. Multiple protocols can be placed on the same channel for systems flexibility and future-proofing.

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