Developed from the ground up to push the boundaries of what is possible – ensuring security, integrity and resiliency in the ultimate solution.

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Congruence.IQ - Common Architecture for Flexibility
& Scalability

Shared Features

Data concentration with full protocol and data model conversion. Allows users and systems to acquire and transport data from multiple substation and field devices.

Advanced Applications

Congruence.IQ's applications use components of its common architecture to operate seamlessly within platform or bolt-on easily to your existing systems.


Congruence.IQ solution scale technically and commercially to handle any size system - from a single edge gateway to a large, distributed enterprise class SCADA system.

By the Numbers

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Create Layered Intelligence for a
Distributed Systems of Systems

Edge Level

Implement local site control while accepting operational parameters from the community layer.  Optimize power quality while detecting and correcting grid issues at their source.

Community Level

Orchestrate feeder protection, optimization and control.  Accept operational parameters from the system level and coordinate and prioritize feeder response.

System Level

Aggregate data from the edge and community levels to provide improved situational awareness to system operators. Conduct data analytics and dispatching for market participation.

Technology Features

Congruence.IQ puts intelligence in the field to operate independently of communications networks and data centers with redundancy built in.

At the same time, hundreds of distributed systems can be managed centrally with uniform configuration and access.

Any-to-any protocol conversion is built into the platform and intelligently manages low bandwidth channels, mesh networks, serial communications and IP networking.

Congruence.IQ is built on the Microsoft operating system and database technologies found in most utilities.

‘Operator in a Box’ capabilities are built into our intelligent applications – working closely with our customers’ operations teams in the field, we have automated their procedures and sequences into expert systems.

Intelligent bandwidth and security management – often the obstacle to adding intelligence to the grid is not the intelligence but legacy communications networks and stringent security requirements.

Operators can make split-second decisions with the right data in hand, presented in a way that makes sense. Congruence.IQ is architected to receive and perform updates without rebooting, maximizing uptime.

Technology Modules