Congruence.IQ | Substation Gateway

The substation automation platform of choice for
utility modernization projects helps unify and modernize substation intelligence – providing utilities a path towards substation digitization.

CongruitiveTechnology  |  Substation Gateway

Single Platform, Multiple Functions

The Congruence.IQ Substation Gateway from Congruitive enables utilities and large energy users to collect, monitor, display, analyze, and archive data in a modern substation. The C.IQ Substation Gateway performs both traditional and advanced substation and distribution automation functions, providing a cost-effective, robust substation management solution.


The C.IQ Substation Gateway performs traditional substation automation functions — data acquisition and concentration, protocol conversion, sequence of events recording (SOE), annunciation, and more — as well as advanced substation and distribution automation applications. It can replace multiple systems in a substation with a single, robust solution, resulting in significant cost savings and increased reliability. Configuration is simple and intuitive. A highly scalable platform, the C.IQ Substation Gateway is designed for substations today and tomorrow.

Rich User Experience

The C.IQ Substation Gateway is available with a full-graphic HMI, allowing simultaneous display of multiple windows to give a complete overview of substation operations. The software displays station single-line diagrams, trends, and tabular data, and includes a full-featured display editor that enables creation of custom views and symbols. The C.IQ Substation Gateway can be coupled with a substation historian, allowing users to replay historical data and single-step through events. 

Complete Data Solutions

The C.IQ Substation Gateway collects data from devices over multiple master communication channels, and concentrates it into one or more slave devices. The system has built-in protocol conversion, supporting industry-standards such as DNP3, Modbus and IEC-61850. Channels operate in parallel to provide high throughput; and, support for serial and TCP/IP channels is provided. The system can acquire and transmit time-tagged data and add time tags when needed. The C.IQ Substation Gateway serves data to external systems using multiple protocols.

Built-In Alarm System

An alarm processor provides time-sorted display of events with millisecond accuracy. Different displays can be used to segment alarms into meaningful collections, such as voltage, severity, and type. The system supports up to 256, fully-configurable priority levels, allowing critical alarms to be extracted easily. C.IQ Substation Gateway provides audible alarms, which can be acknowledged from the display or graphical user interface. An auto-inhibit feature prevents malfunctioning inputs from clogging the display.

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Technical Features

– Data aware routing to local and remote masters helps reduce overall network bandwidth
Standard Protocol support for DNP3, Modbus, SNMP and more
Advanced protocol support for IEC-61850, IEEE 2030.5 (Client, Client Aggregator, Server) CAISO ADS
Create multiple “Slave” profiles for communications to multiple master stations
Integrated data quality monitoring with Slave points
Configurable change bands can be applied to the same point in multiple Slave profiles
Full data scaling control for analog values

Time synchronization via NTP or protocol
Supports automated file transfer of relay fault records
Standardized templates for easy configuration of IEDs
Record real-time data in the available C.IQ Substation Gateway historian, and then replay and analyze time-tagged events using the system’s HMI
Integrate seamlessly with third-party historians

– Calculation engine supports arithmetic, trigonometric, programmatic and boolean logic functions
Zero cut-off capabilities allows system to accommodate various sensor calibrations (e.g. display zero value for amps if breaker is open)
Instrument Range Checks
Configurable Control Categories
Advanced Control Capabilities available, like AGC for Generator and DER control
Advanced Analytic Functions such as demand foresting and target latching with auto-reset

– Read and interpret data with full graphics in multiple resizable windows
Full HMI editor allows for customized interfaces – letting user define very basic or extremely detailed information views
Hot-line connectivity mimics power-flow through substation apparatus
User-definable symbols and flexible color assignments
Templatized screen definitions (view spreadsheets)

– Alarm Annunciation
– Analog and Digital Alarms
– Automatic Alarm Inhibit
Configurable Alarm Styles, including user defined filtering and prioritized alarms
Alarm summary and logging, configurable Alarm Event display
Point Alarm display with most current alarms for each point
Speech integration allows spoken prompts

Guided troubleshooting via HMI
– Built in debugger for internal communications engines
– Built in Protocol Analyzer for incoming and outgoing communications channels
– Automatic configuration and HMI building via IEC-61850
– Easily manage large point configurations using Microsoft Excel
– Use an extensive set of predefined templates to easily create and maintain the substation configuration, views, and symbols
– Reconfigure the system as business requirements change.

– Role-based access control
Supports SSL, TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3
– Integral audit logs for security tracing and forensic review
Base hardware and Operating Systems subject to international standards and best practice benchmarking
High Availability options available

– Deploy on base operating systems or in a virtual machine architecture
Choose your own hardware based on use case requirements
– Options available from Dell, Cisco, ADLINK, Advantech, Crystal and more

Congruence.IQ Substation Gateway supports many use cases, including:
– Secondary Substations

– Distribution Substations

– Transmission Substations

– Microgrids

– Renewable Power Plants (Wind/Solar)

– Industrial Power Distribution