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Substation Gateway

Concentrate and Present Substation Data

Combine all your data from substation devices into one, flexible platform for communications and engineering access. The C.IQ Substation Gateway supports advanced interfaces for integration into other systems – increasing the business value of your data.

Empower the Modern Grid by Digitizing Your Substation

C.IQ Substation Gateway’s software defined architecture allows utilities to extract additional information from data for use by advanced applications around power quality, asset management, and more – in addition to enabling more efficient and secure operations. 

Bolster Cyber Security Throughout Your Grid

Built with security in mind, the C.IQ Substation Gateway secures operational integrity and secures your data in transit.  Its ability to adapt to evolving cyber security standards means you are ready to meet existing and future requirements meant to protect your critical assets.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Advanced configuration tools automate the configuration of databases and HMI views in the C.IQ Substation Gateway, while built in diagnostics and guided troubleshooting mechanisms streamline maintenance and support efforts.

Manage Redundancy More Easily

Run C.IQ Substation Gateway in a redundant, highly available configuration on two servers simultaneously to provide continuous system availability and protection from hardware failures.