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Lower peak demand charges, reduce line losses and address feeder stability issues caused by the rising penetration of distributed energy resources.

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Increased System Efficiency

Maintaining and regulating feeder voltage profiles is vital to utility operations, both in terms of efficient operations as well as meeting customer needs. Congruence.IQ STABILIZE provides the technology for utilities to automatically manage Volt/VAR control so that end of line voltage and power factor remain within required parameters. STABILIZE controls tap changers, capacitor banks, and line voltage regulators to flatten the voltage profile along distribution lines and maintain prescribed end-of-line voltage while also allowing utilities to implement voltage reduction for operational goals.

Reduce Costs

STABILIZE allows utilities to implement demand voltage reduction to diminish charges associated with peak generation and transmission. The same approach can enable utilities built to capacity to optimize operations by relieving capacity constraints.

Alleviate DER Effects

STABILIZE meets the growing challenges associated with DERs that cause reverse power flow or affect voltage control and relaying schemes. STABILIZE can identify these potential problems and direct appropriate corrective actions. 

Granular & Flexible

STABILIZE provides the right data at the right time so that precise control decisions can be made immediately as conditions change. It continually acquires real-time voltage data from multiple points on each feeder, either directly or via an AMI system. It provides control for multiple feeders, automatically accounting for the effects of tap change settings on all circuits fed from the substation.

Track Feeder Performance

STABILIZE uses Congruence.IQ’s integrated display editor and rich configuration suite to give operators complete visibility into a feeder’s performance, displaying real-time electricity demand, power factor, voltage profiles, and other vital performance metrics.  STABILIZE collects electricity delivery data, temperature, and other variables that affect load and energy use, and integrates that information into a single, comprehensive database that enables the analysis of energy conservation and demand reduction reporting.

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