Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation

Congruence.IQ  |  MITIGATE

Respond Fast to Changing Danger

Importing local climate information and wildfire severity forecasts, MITIGATE allows you to respond immediately to changing conditions to ensure public safety measures are in place at all times.

Maximize Reliability During Wildfire Season

When wildfire danger lowers, MITIGATE automatically reverts to normal relay and protection schemes to maintain reliability of service for your customers and to maximize system uptime – avoiding the unnecessary outages associated with manual implementation of mitigation schemes.

Fully Automate Mitigation Schemes

MITIGATE allows you to group devices into control zones based on your utility’s needs, providing a completely automated management scheme for implement your mitigation plans – all without the need to roll a truck to each and every device on your grid.

Address the Rise of Wildfire Liability

MITIGATE provides you full audit logs and reports for your wildfire mitigation schemes to help meet regulatory mandates. MITIGATE allows operators to ensure field devices are compliant to schemes by providing real-time device status and conformance metrics.