Feeder Automation

Congruence.IQ | RESTORE
Congruence.IQ | STABILIZE



Identify and Locate Faults Faster

Helping provide your operators information to pinpoint the location of faults, RESTORE allows you to dispatch line crews more effectively, saving time and reducing costs.

Automatically Restore Power to Customers

RESTORE’s rapid response to line section faults brings your customers back online in seconds, ensuring customer satisfaction, preventing loss of revenue, and improving key performance indices tracked by regulatory agencies.

Improve Crew and Customer Safety

Using RESTORE, operators know the new, as-is feeder topology, so they can direct line crews with confidence about safety. Operators can automate safety checks before any switching or re-enabling of feeder sections to provide another layer of protection.

Ensure Stability As DER Penetration Grows

STABILIZE provides supervised management of feeder assets and visibility into changing feeder conditions. It automatically identifies operating conditions with distributed resources that destabilize existing control elements and implements appropriate control techniques to extend asset life.

Reduce The Burden of Peak Demand Charges

In demand voltage reduction mode, STABILIZE supports automatic peak shaving and demand reduction on your distribution system while maintaining the reliable service customers expect.