Enterprise SCADA Solutions

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Full Visibility and Control of Your Grid

From one to one-thousand – regardless of the size of your system, our Congruence.IQ SCADA platform gives you all the tools you need to safely and reliably operate your grid – supervisory control, data acquisition, alarming, tagging, reporting and more – all in one, flexible platform.

Leverage Grid Operational Data for other Business Systems & Use Cases

With its integration capabilities, full data historian and rich graphing
capabilities, Congruence.IQ SCADA accommodates data requests from other
enterprise systems and non-operational users to maximize the value of
your grid’s data.

Ensure Reliable Operations using a Robust, Field-Proven & Secure Platform

For nearly 30 years, Congruence.IQ SCADA has been trusted by some of the largest utilities in North America to provide reliable, secure operational visibility and control – processing billions of data points every day in mission critical environments.

Invest with Confidence in New Technology for Your Grid and Utility

The modular architecture of our SCADA platform supports easy integration of new applications and features.  Combined with our advanced communications processing, Congruence.IQ SCADA allows you to swap out and upgrade legacy systems and devices with ease.