Distributed Energy Resources & Microgrids

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Distributed Energy Resource & Microgrid Control

Flexible and Powerful Automation for Distributed Energy Resources

Congruence.IQ CONTROL, with its more than 25 control modes, is a powerful system for the management of all DERs, including renewable plant control, energy storage systems and microgrids.  From its role as the first control system that participated in the California frequency control market to its current position as the first fully certified SEP 2.0 platform (client, client aggregator, and server), Congruence.IQ has demonstrated its versatility in solving today’s energy challenges.

Optimize Storage on the Grid

Congruence.IQ CONTROL offers an extraordinary degree of customization and automation of utility-scale storage. It automatically changes output levels, smooths load curves, maximizes storage resources, and allows systems to be combined into a Virtual Power Plant, creating an individual resource with its own automated control strategy.

Automate the Management of Microgrids

Simplify the creation of “plug-and-play” microgrids with Congruence.IQ CONTROL.  Using equipment from different vendors, CONTROL supports a wide range of available resources to operate in grid connected or islanded mode.

Efficient Operation of Renewable Resources

Analyzing internal and external data, Congruence.IQ CONTROL manages inverters, power factor, reactive power and voltage. For solar installations, CONTROL can use weather and tracker data to determine optimal operations, as well as respond automatically to curtailment signals from independent system operators (ISOs).

Secure Communications to your DERs

Supporting the latest industry standard encryption algorithms for data transport like TLS 1.3 and AES 265, Congruence.IQ solutions provide secure communications.  CONTROL is now SEP 2.0 certified, allowing you to achieve compliance with California’s Rule 21 requirements.