Data Virtualization Solutions

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Maximize Operational Performance

CONNECT acts as a single point of concentration for all device data, and a single point of access to that data for all high-level systems. It caches recent data values and/or events locally so data requests are serviced immediately. CONNECT then implements data change detection at the edge of the network and pushes that data across the data virtualization cloud.

Congruence IQ

Data Virtualization

Reduce Integration Time and Costs

Eliminate data replication and storage costs by providing a single point of integration for all operational systems. CONNECT allows configuration information to be passed directly to field devices.

Modernize Data Systems

Leverage grid data for “self- serve” operational intelligence. By abstracting the underlying systems, utilities can swap legacy systems with modern applications. Deploy new technologies faster and with more confidence in data integrity.

Improve Security Governance

Ensure secure data governance by enabling a centralized point of access and management across the enterprise. Push security configuration to all data nodes to ensure up-to-date protection.