Communication Management Solutions

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Easily Acquire Data From Every Intelligent Device on Your Grid

GATEWAY can be configured via a drag-and-drop graphic editor or plug-and-play, to communicate via any standard protocol, while providing protocol and data model translation that allow applications direct access to the data they need.

Communicate with Every Device on Your Grid, Over any Network

Our GATEWAY’s advanced protocol support and data handling, combined with robust communications management tools provide you unparalleled ability to connect with all your field devices over any network – even your AMI system.

Optimize the Transport of Operational Data Across Networks​

GATEWAY uses multi-acquisition data polling methods and optimized TCP/IP parameters to stream line the flow of operational data through your field area and AMI networks.  In addition, GATEWAY supports channel grouping for advanced throughput management on any IP network.

Concentrate and Present Data to Your Various Systems

Combine all your data from many devices into one GATEWAY-enabled node, reducing integration costs.  GATEWAY supports advanced interfaces for integration into other systems, increasing the business value of your data.

Flexible, Scalable Architecture for Your Future Grid

Equipped with advanced protocols for handling distributed energy resources, as well as capable of being implemented in a distributed architecture for complex systems, GATEWAY is ready to grow with your utility.

Ensure Your Grid’s Data is Secure

As a critical component of your utility’s cyber infrastructure, GATEWAY is built with security at top of mind.  Deployed in the most critical grids in North America, GATEWAY is subject to independent penetration testing and audits to constantly validate its security.