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Enterprise class supervisory control and data acquisition with ultimate flexibility – supporting use cases from substation automation to fully distributed systems with hundreds of operators.

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Distributed Client/Server Architecture

Congruence.IQ SCADA is an advanced system for managing utility operations using industry-standard control system architecture. It was designed to address the limitations of competitive and legacy management software with an integral distributed architecture. Core programs can be located on one or more servers, providing the necessary processing power to support database, history, and data analysis functions at any scale. Operating on standard Windows-based servers, SCADA can be installed on a wide range of existing hosts found in most existing utility control systems.
SCADA offers a host of powerful features designed to simplify the system administrator’s job while reducing the potential for errors. Devices and views can be added rapidly using templates, while flexible database management tools support quick import and export of data. Operators can use multiple workstations simultaneously, with full support for areas of responsibility. With voice confirmation of system commands, Congruence.IQ SCADA reduces the potential for operational errors, while eight customizable alarm displays with time sorting, priority level assignment, and customizable alarm sounds enable operators to easily distinguish alarms of differing severity. A graphing tool that is part of the standard interface displays data in various formats for at-a-glance diagnostics and troubleshooting. Integrated troubleshooting tools provide communication accounting statistics and protocol analysis.

Protocol Support and Translation

Powered by our GATEWAY solution, Congruence.IQ SCADA supports all major SCADA utility protocols and interfaces.  For ultimate flexibility, our SCADA supports multiple protocols on the same communications channel, making updating legacy field devices seamless.  Full data model translation allows data normalization for historians and analytic applications.

Communications Independence

Our SCADA technology uses the efficient, secure communications system of Congruence.IQ GATEWAY, with its support for multiple serial and TCP/IP channels and high-performance simultaneous multi-channel polling. Using GATEWAY, Congruence.IQ SCADA supports all standard utility protocols (including DNP3, Modbus, MultiSpeak, and ICCP) and well as advanced protocols such as IEEE 2030.5, IEC-61850, and Tesla Energy API, with multi-protocol support on a single communications channel. With redundancy built in, SCADA offers high throughput as well as resiliency when communication lines between sites go down.

Delivering Operational Efficiency

Automatic alarm inhibit prevents repetitive erroneous alarms from distracting system operators. An integrated display editor supports the creation of custom graphic screens or reusable templates for common devices. With the system’s optional historian, event data can be displayed on screen with millisecond accuracy or exported to third party systems. Inter-system communication enables multiple control centers and substations to be linked to share data and control via a high-speed interface.

Ensuring Secure Operations

Our SCADA solution is built with security from the ground up. A centralized security system, managed by the system administrator, controls individual access and ensures that each station and operator can only run programs for which they are authorized. Security alerts provide managers with instant notification of unauthorized access attempts, while industry leading AES 265 encryption prevents the interception of sign-on information. Further, time encoding of data prevents unauthorized “replay” of network data, rendering such copied information useless.

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