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Automatic Restoration

Faults or failures at the distribution level can result in power outages that create headaches for utilities and their customers. Whenever a fault occurs, whether from equipment failure or due to severe weather, it can take significant time for operators to analyze the available information, isolate the fault, and take steps to restore power upstream and downstream. Manual methods for determining where the fault occurred and routing around it are time consuming and tedious, leaving customers without power for long periods of time. If the faults result from large storms or other environmental causes, the number of faults and speed at which new ones occur can quickly overwhelm operations and prevent power from being restored for a protracted period.
Congurence:IQ RESTORE provides technology to automate the identification of faults and the rapid restoration of power to as many customers as possible. With distributed intelligence capable of being located close to the feeders at the substation, RESTORE can bring customers online almost immediately after the onset of the initial fault. Expert systems intelligence supports autonomous decisions, eliminating the time required to send the data to the control center for analysis and then send control instructions back. These expert systems are backed by over a decade of proven results in the use of RESTORE by major utilities.

Real-Time Fault Isolation

RESTORE has a complete view of the substation and feeders, connected via field communications systems to sensors, protective relays and devices. This allows RESTORE to detect and analyze faults as soon as they occur, so the source of the fault can be isolated and power routed around it.

Rapid Re-routing

RESTORE uses system connectivity models and real-time feeder conditions to determine the optimum switching configuration during an outage. It intelligently controls SCADA switches and reclosers to provide power to customers both upstream and downstream of the fault. The technology also can determine what manual switches may need to be operated to complete the task and provide that information to system operators for quick direction of field crews.

Safety First

Prior to performing any switching operation, RESTORE performs an extensive set of safety checks customized for the specific needs of that configuration. The software double-checks feeder conditions to ensure that maintenance personnel are not working on the circuit, and verifies communication and data integrity. The software considers pre-fault load, line capacity, feeder protection settings and, within seconds, takes appropriate action. RESTORE automatically checks all aspects of the switching action before it takes place to ensure that a switching operation does not cause an overload.

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