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PG&E Using Congruitive to Integrate Microgrid at Blue Lake Rancheria

Sacramento, California – Congruitive, a leading provider of energy communication software for the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), is working with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to integrate a customer-owned microgrid into PG&E’s DERMS system.  The microgrid is owned by Blue Lake Rancheria – a federally recognized Native American tribe and government, with a 100-acre tribal community, which hosts two operating microgrids and two others in design.

You can read more about the project at PG&E’s monthly CURRENTS news site.
To meet the requirements of California’s Rule 21, PG&E is using Congruitive’s C.IQ Gateway software to provide IEEE 2030.5 communications between the microgrid and its DERMS system.  The C.IQ Gateway software is SunSpec Certified on the IEEE 2030.5 CSIP Client, Client Aggregator and Server profiles, and is available on various hardware platforms, including the Cisco IR1101.
“Robust DER monitoring and control capabilities are required to fully
realize the benefits of DERs for providing grid services such as
resilience and distribution capacity deferral, and through this project
we are working to create the ability for PG&E grid operators to
communicate with and have visibility into microgrid DERs from our
control centers,” said PG&E’s Omid Savarian, product manager for PG&E’s Grid Innovation team.
“We are excited to be conducting this first-of-its-kind project with
Blue Lake Rancheria and our long-time partner, PG&E,” said Ken
Munson, CEO at Congruitive. “Our C.IQ Gateway solutions are helping
developers and energy consumers extract more value from interconnected
DERs like microgrids, solar-plus-storage and EVs, while allowing
utilities to integrate these devices into their operations for improved
grid reliability and customer safety.”