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Introducing Congruitive

To All Our Valued Customers and Partners,


Today marks an important event in our Company’s history. And we are excited to share important news regarding the growth of our Company, and how it positions us to serve you better, our trusted utility customers and partners. As of November 18th, 2019, our company name will be changing to Congruitive.


Formerly known as DC Systems, we have been innovating at the epicenter of the utility ecosystem and its transformational convergence of operational and information technology since 1990. Supporting that transformational change has been our Company’s strategic imperative since the beginning.


Within the complex and quickly changing energy environment, our utility customers are facing many new challenges. Our name change will allow us to present ourselves and our technologies as a platform that can be used to help meet these challenges head-on. As part of this refresh, we are launching our most advanced platform ever – Congruence.IQ. Simply stated, we are leveraging our technology and 30 years of legacy knowledge to simplify the acquisition, transport, and integration of data over utility networks.


With the volume of connected devices expected to deliver $1 trillion in economic value annually by 2022 and the growing challenge of integrating both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) within the utility ecosystems, managing data in real-time has become more critical for our customers and partners to realize the value of their investments in their system of systems technologies (ADMS, DERMS, GIS, etc.). Through Congruence.IQ, we become the connective tissue allowing for faster integration time and wider extensibility which results in more rapid incremental and systemwide value gains on every project.


Our rebranding will not impact or delay any current or future orders of DC Systems software. And, while the Company has rebranded, changes to the branding within our software will be implemented over the coming months.


The rebranding and name change do not impact our shipping and billing addresses, tax ID, procurement, and invoicing information, all of which remain the same.


We look forward to engaging with all of you during this exciting time. We remain committed to providing solutions that drive business value for you, our trusted utility customers, and partners.


We look forward to this change and will be looking forward to engaging every one of you soon.


For more information about these new modules, we would welcome you to explore  our new website.


Ken Munson
Chief Executive Officer