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Convergence and Connectivity at #Distributech19

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REDWOOD CITY, California – Congruitive (formerly DC Systems) just returned from #Distributech19, where we joined thousands of industry professionals working to empower the next generation of energy infrastructure. DC Systems has been a part of the DistribuTECH community from the very fist event (then called DA/DSM Distribution Automation/Demand Side Management), and each year we gain the opportunity to see how the utility space is evolving with technologies that address increasing challenges in ensuring an abundance of electricity and resilience of the grid.

DTECH Highlights

While making new friends and connecting with existing partners, we launched a new “BEST OF” category at DTECH! Yes. We’re talking best socks, which went to Jonathan McClelland @reliabilityShow. We salute you Jonathan!

Top Themes

We’re witnessing the increased influence of convergent technologies being brought to the utility space – augmented reality, drone technology, and other virtual technologies allowing operators to envision and address greater need for security and uptime of operations, and the impacts of environmental risk like wildfires that threaten safety for stakeholders and investors alike.

Introducing Watchtower

To that end, DC Systems was proud to announce our new software product, Watchtower, during the conference, which addresses the need for safety and security with real-time automated control of energy systems in a natural disaster. A sincere thanks to Electric Light & Power for covering our news!

We are also seeing increased complexity and demands of grids, whether through emerging inputs like electric vehicles, which stand to add an estimated 30% load on utilities in the coming years, to Big Data, with more and smarter devices being added to the infrastructure, requiring intelligent systems that can make sense of this explosion of information. And we noted the importance of ensuring that operators have the tools to make sense of dynamic grid conditions and can make intelligent management decisions in real time. Here again, DC Systems was able to add to the conversation with our Data Virtualization products, that bring together, synthesize, and simplify information so that operators can make sense of this burden of information and turn it into an operational advantage for faster, more reliable, and more expansive energy services.

Distributech ’19 was once again a true coming together of the industry’s best and brightest, on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. A special shout out to everyone who came out for drinks at our booth during 5 o’clock Somewhere, and we’ve got some exciting news up our sleeve so please stay tuned to the announcements coming in the next few weeks!

Be In Touch

What were your takeaways of the event this year? Drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.