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Manage distribution systems and assets effectively, safely, and rapidly at times of high risk of wildfire or in the face of severe weather events or natural disasters.

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Multi-Hazard Mitigation for Distribution System Operations

MITIGATE enables utilities to automate every aspect of operations addressing the costly and potentially dangerous risks posed by severe weather conditions, including the potential of wildfire. Utilities today are often managing these risks with manual processes, such as operators scanning individual weather reports to locate fire danger information on each area and running a script for that area, or rolling trucks to disable reclosers. These manual operations are both costly and a source of potential errors.

The increase in severity and frequency of adverse wildfire conditions and natural disasters has made it vital that operations have the ability to monitor those conditions in real time and react rapidly to those that pose a threat to public safety and system assets. MITIGATE automates every aspect of the process so utilities can respond properly and promptly to rapidly changing situations, as well as guard against situations leading to liability from regulators, insurers, and the public responding to recent destructive wildfires in California and elsewhere.

Automated Data Analysis

MITIGATE reads fire danger reports and other incoming weather information electronically and uses that information to execute mitigation schemes as appropriate. Operators no longer need to undertake the time-consuming process of reading the report to extract potential dangers and run the proper scripts, with the potential for misreading or otherwise misinterpreting a report.

Automated Strategy Execution

Manual switching through SCADA or scripting may lead to the wrong equipment settings and a lack of device compliance. Intermittent communications failures can cause commands to fail to reach devices, creating potential risks that may go unresolved. MITIGATE automatically executes the configured schemes and checks to ensure they have had the desired results, allowing you to send mitigation schemes to thousands of devices in a matter of minutes, all with no error.

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Automated Compliance Notification and Recovery

Any MITIGATE command that fails after a specified number of attempts triggers a notice to the operator. A “percentage compliant” report is accompanied by a list of devices that did not respond, ensuring that the system operators know precisely where to dispatch workers. MITIGATE automates the recovery process when the danger has abated. Before implementing risk strategies at the outset of an event, MITIGATE records the state of devices on the grid, and restores them to their prior state during the recovery process.

Logging And Reporting

Even as they are implementing proactive planned outages under potential adverse conditions, utilities also face increased demands by regulators and insurers to minimize the duration of outages. Strict reporting is required, and penalties for failure to meet regulatory requirements are increasing. MITIGATE creates a comprehensive report of the actions it took and device compliance metrics, with actions and time tags. This can be used by the utility for compliance reporting.

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