IEEE 2030.5 Communication Solutions for DER Interoperability

Communications solutions for the rapidly changing smart energy environment.

IEEE 2030.5 CSIP

Congruence.IQ is one of the first products to be IEEE 2030.5 CSIP Certified by SunSpec.  Whatever your need, Congruitive has an IEEE 2030.5 certified solution.

IEEE 2030.5 CSIP Certified

Certified by SunSpec - whatever your need, Congruitive has an IEEE 2030.5 Certified solution.

Flexible Solutions

Equipped with full protocol and data model translation, Congruence.IQ solutions can work with any legacy system.

CA Rule 21

Using Congruence.IQ solutions can help ensure your new DER interconnection projects meet CA Rule 21 requirements.


The Congruence.IQ GATEWAY can be equipped with 25 different DER control modes, turning a legacy inverter into a CSIP compliant resource.

Communication Gateways
for DER Site owners

Communication Gateways for
Distributed Energy Resources

Our software based gateway solutions provide communications management of DERs at the grid-edge. Congruence.IQ Gateways are available in various form factors to support asset owner and utility operational goals – including gateways that implement advanced control capabilities for legacy inverters and systems.

Congruence.IQ Edge Gateways

CSIP Controller for Legacy Inverters

Remote Intelligent Gateways

DER Communications for
Distribution System Operators

Head-End Solutions for
Distributed Energy Resources

IEEE 2030.5 Head-end for SCADA and ADMS

IEEE 2030.5 Interoperability Testing
Solutions for OEMs and Vendors

If you are a manufacturer or project owner in need of a SunSpec Certified IEEE 2030.5 gateway for compliance testing, contact our engineering team to learn how our flexible, real-world tested solutions can be applied to your test scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

The Smart Energy Profile 2.0 (SEP 2.0) is an application for connecting  consumer owned smart energy devices to the Smart Grid. SEP 2.0 is  designed to work over any technology that supports the Internet Protocol (IP). This standard is not necessarily limited to transmission of energy usage information  and can support many other types of information (e.g., pricing information, demand response events, billing information, prepayment information) and commodities (e.g., natural gas, water). SEP 2.0 is also used for communication between an electric vehicle and a charging station.

After the SEP 2.0 standard was completed, it was adopted as IEEE 2030.5; and, for all intents and purposes they are considered the same.

California Rule 21 requires that, by default, Distributed Energy Resources within Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) must utilize the IEEE™ 2030.5-2018 (SEP 2.0) networking standard in the manner described in the Common Smart Inverter Profile.

Since its adoption in 2013, the IEEE 2030.5 protocol has been updated at least once, and many industry experts anticipate further updates as technologies advance and cyber security requirements evolve.  Because of these evolutions, it is important to evaluate the upgrade-ability of any solution you select to the most current version of IEEE 2030.5 to provide the most functionality, value and security.

The SunSpec Certified™ program is designed to instill buyer confidence in SunSpec member product solutions by establishing objective criteria for verifying the compliance of communication interfaces of SunSpec member company products.  In addition, certified products are allowed to participate in the SunSpec Certified Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) program for authenticating and securing communications according to California Rule 21 compliance requirements.