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Providing utilities and large energy producers with technology to automate the control of renewable energy generation sources as well as utility-scale energy storage systems.

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Harnessing the Power of a Virtual Plant

Distributed energy resources are becoming more commonplace in the grid, creating a set of challenges for utilities seeking to manage these resources as well as for energy producers seeking to manage generation and storage. Congruence.IQ CONTROL was designed to make this complex task automated and efficient with technology that enables utilities and power producers to operate an entire renewable energy installation. The technology can manage the control and grid interactions of renewable power sources including solar installations or wind turbine generation.

Scalable For Multiple Use Cases

CONTROL can be deployed in a wide range of use cases to meet dynamic needs of utilities as well as power producers. It allows efficient operation of renewable generation, from any source; provides an extraordinary degree of customization for managing distributed storage resources; and provides all the technology for operating a modern microgrid, whether connected or islanded from the main grid.

Operating Modes

CONTROL offers a series of operating modes for managing storage resources, from time of day activation to real-time modes based on market pricing or automated dispatch commands from the ISO. There is even an Island Reserve mode that allows selected resources to be held as backup power should the resources become islander from the grid. In every mode, CONTROL provides the agility and rapid response needed when integrating renewables and storage into the modern utility environment.

Available Control Architectures

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