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Congruitive Partners with Cisco for Rule 21 Gateway Solutions

For the last year, Congruitive has been working to implement a Rule 21, IEEE 2030.5 communications gateway to connect a microgrid at Blue Lake Rancheria to Pacific Gas & Electric’s Distributed Energy Management System (DERMS).  Built on this project, Congruitive is launching a series of C.IQ Rule 21 Gateway solutions – including an offering with Cisco.

Cisco and Congruitive are partnering to provide an IoT device for integrating DERs to utility operational systems using IEEE-1547-2018 communication standards (including IEEE 2030.5) and providing data concentration for remote terminal unit (RTU) applications.  Our C.IQ Edge Gateway is deployed on Cisco’s Industrial Integrated Services Routers using their IOx application environment, providing remote management, robust cybersecurity and seamless interoperability.


C.IQ Edge Gateways are SunSpec Certified IEEE 2030.5 CSIP Clients, capable of converting Modbus and DNP3 to IEEE 2030.5 for DER communication with utility head-end systems.


Software defined C.IQ Edge Gateways are available in many form factors to meet your needs, including software only, cloud, and hardware based solutions.


For DER sites with demanding cybersecurity and physical security requirements, C.IQ Edge Gateways are available on the Cisco IR1101 IoT device, certified by Cisco and verified by the utilities (PG&E).

Ready for Rule 21?

With over 30 years of experience providing communications software to electric utilities in California, Congruitive’s Rule 21 gateway products are built from the ground up to interoperate seamlessly with existing utility systems.